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Canada´s best food bloggers share a commitment to spreading good taste

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Tara O’Brady, sevenspoons.net

“Seven Spoons is full of the cooking I’d be doing even if there wasn’t a website; so it is a real, ongoing conversation, pretty close to a chat at the kitchen table. The food is wide-ranging and seasonal, following both our everyday and celebrations. I was looking for a creative outlet. At the time of starting, I was setting up house with the man who would become my husband — this was my place to tuck away my successes (and failures) like a modern-day recipe file.”

Barry Parsons, rockrecipes.ca

“It organically grew from the fact that my sister Belinda, a social worker in Edmonton, had just gotten married and insisted I write down some recipes. In 30 years I had never written down a single recipe! I figured if I’m going to write it down for her, the blog just seemed to be the best medium to use.”

Jill Davies-Shaw & Rhianna Morris, creamandsugar.ca

“We have lots of concepts from being able to share great little local grocery shops where we source good food from recipes that we can share to travel, which both of us love to do and we found ourselves often sharing lists of places that we had gone to and lists of our top restaurants there. Rhianna is the single one and she does her Solo Suppers features and I now have a toddler and I do my Dinner for Two-and-a-Half features, so stuff that families would cook.”

Christelle Tanielian, christelleisflabbergasting.com

From her home in Montreal’s Plateau, Parisian ex-pat Tanielian’s pretty recipes — stunning photography, with some illustration — are savoury, sweet and often travel-infused. The accompanying text has the intimacy of a diary dispatch from a cool friend, and a welcome self-deprecating tone. It’s en français but the combination of artful photos and Tanielian’s simple prose means a passing memory of high school Core French will suffice. The blog has yielded Tanielian not only foodie fans, but a collaboration with Fromages d’Ici, a promotional campaign for regional Quebec cheeses. Yes: a French woman endorsing non-French cheese! And that’s why we love Tanielian’s flabbergasting.

Monica Reyes, nervouschef.com

“Cooking didn’t come naturally to me. I had a fridge that was practically empty, save for a bottle of ketchup and a loaf of bread. The freezer was stacked with TV dinners. When I tried to learn, I was setting off the smoke detectors on a regular basis. It wasn’t until about my mid-twenties when I was able to get the hang of things. I started blogging when I noticed that a lot of recipes in cookbooks didn’t have pictures. I wanted to remember what the recipe looked like and how it turned out. I also use my blog as a reference on how to do certain things (e.g. how to make marmalade).”

Ceri Marsh, sweetpotatochronicles.com

“Documenting the daily challenges of parenthood, a one-stop-shop for recipes and nutrition information that [blogging partner] Laura Keogh and I weren’t able to find elsewhere as parents. We started up a quick-and-dirty blogger’s blog and within a few months had redesigned our site and launched it. Now, we’re looking to expand into more videos and get more into a digital magazine format with more high-profile interviews like Laurie David and John Donohue.”

Renée Kohlman, sweetsugarbean.com

Kohlman grew up on a farm southwest of Saskatoon near the Alberta border and has a distinct advantage over many food bloggers — she’s a formally trained chef. Although her blog is just over a year old, she’s been cooking professionally since 1999, when she graduated from NAIT in Edmonton. “I just love to cook! And I would come home and take pictures of whatever I was making and put it on my Facebook page. My friends kept nagging me, for about six months more or less. I’m not a computer tech girl at all and was a bit daunted about starting one. Finally I plunked into Blogger and chipped away at it. It was really about my oldest friends seeing what I could do before I could.”

Mardi Michels, eatlivetravelwrite.com

A one-woman show chronicling good food. “I started blogging in May 2009 with a readership of three: my mum, my dad and my husband. It didn’t have much of a direction at the beginning but developed. Now I get more than 60,000 hits a month.”

Amy Bronee, familyfeedbag.com

“It’s about cooking from scratch for a modern family and having fun doing it. I enjoy working with local and in-season ingredients, but I’m not a slave to it. My main goal is to produce simple-to-follow recipes with drool-worthy visuals, and to build a level of trust with readers so they know when they try a Family Feedbag recipe it’ll be good. Most of what I know about cooking I’ve learned from books and TV. I have no formal culinary training, but thanks to the blog I’m now teaching my very own home cooking class at The London Chef, a cooking school here in Victoria!”

Jennifer Maloney, seasonsandsuppers.ca

“Seasons and Suppers is just about what’s cooking in my kitchen through the different seasons; from the light meals of summer through the comfort foods of winter. I love good food and for me, that means making things from scratch and enjoying fruits and vegetables when they are in season and are the most flavourful. Of course, winter is long here in Muskoka and very little is fresh and seasonal. That’s when I turn to things like root vegetables and greens, or things that are at their best during our winter, like citrus fruits.”

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